Pyrolysis Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services Ltd provides Pyrolysis (Thermal Stripping) for the decomposition in burn-off ovens to remove organic materials from all metals & alloys.

Thermal Stripping

Pyrolysis, also known as thermal stripping is one of many ways to remove organic materials from all metals & alloys. We have a number of controlled pyrolysis ovens which removes coatings such as powders, paints & varnishes. Pyrolysis is ideal for removing powder coating for jigs, hangers, hooks, rejected parts, carbon & a whole host of other contaminants.

After the jigs are cleaned


Pyrolysis ovens (burn-off ovens) use a process known as pyrolysis. They remove or break down organic materials from metal parts. This works by heating the parts to 420 degrees in a reduced oxygen atmosphere where an exothermic reaction takes place rendering the contaminants to a fine residue which falls to the oven floor & is removed after the cycle finishes.

The stripping of organic films from the surfaces of metal parts is carried out by means of pyrolysis (thermal decomposition), which is a very progressive, efficient, low-cost & environmentally-friendly method.

Any emissions produced by the process are put through an afterburner that heats these gases over 723 degrees which incinerates the emissions leaving only H20 & C02 as a by-product.

Before pyrolysis cleaning After pyrolysis cleaning

Thermal stripping is recommended especially when:

  • Powder-coated, wet-painted or e-coated hooks, frames, jigs, grates or skids from paint shops have to be cleaned
  • There are defects in the coating of the part (reject parts)
  • The coating on the parts is old & unsatisfactory
  • Parts of cars, motorcycles, machines, equipment etc. are to be repaired or modified

By means of pyrolysis, any organic coating (powder or wet paint, e-coating, plastics, rubber, binders, fillers, grease & other organic contaminants) can be eliminated. it is a very efficient method to:

  • Clean moulds & components of machines used in the plastics industry (sieves, nozzles, pump housings, conveying screws & extruder heads)
  • Recycle stators & rotors of electric motors (elimination of insulation, binders & coatings from the motor housing)
  • Eliminate singed grease or other organic films
  • Loosen bonded joints

Why Choose Us

The cost of thermal stripping is lower than that of chemical stripping. That is why pyrolysis is the ideal method of eliminating thick layers of paint.

We are specialists in our field & have a proud reputation for the level of service we provide to our clients. You will be more than pleased with the quality of any job undertaken by us for you. Get in touch to see how we can assist you.

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